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Churches among those failing homeless issue
I woke up on Monday to some news that struck me the wrong way. The Tupelo Police Department showed up early that morning at the homeless camp on Gloster and told them they had five minutes to get their stuff and get out. Then, the Public Works Department literally tore the camp apart with a backhoe to insure the homeless wouldn’t return. Was that meant to fix the homeless issue?
I’m not naive enough to believe that the homeless people haven’t caused problems. I know they drink, yell, fight, and live in filth. Have you ever taken a minute to think about WHY so many homeless people turn to drinking?
• To forget about their plight.
• To keep warm.
• To find comfort, however false the sense of comfort may be.
Obviously there are other factors involved in drinking, but, doesn’t it make sense why they drink? Furthermore, alcoholism is a disease. You can’t just expect addicts to stop drinking. They need rehabilitation.
People also say homeless people should get jobs. I fully support homeless people looking for jobs, but, if they look for jobs, they’re going to be going into the very businesses that complain about their presence. Several of the homeless people I’ve talked with are steadily looking for jobs, and would love nothing more than to be able to support themselves.
Bottom line, I fully support the rights of a landowner to kick people off of his/her land. But, the root of the issue is much deeper than Monday’s actions. Our city has made a commitment to finding a way to help our homeless, and they should be held accountable. It is also my strong belief that our churches have failed on this front as well. It is the church who is called to care for the needy. If the area churches and the city could work in cooperation, I think we could make a huge impact in the lives of the homeless population who are willing to accept help. Many other cities and organizations have success in this area. We need to explore those avenues of help rather than simply displacing the population.
Cody Hickman

Obama takes credit as commander in chief
Retired Col. Ralph Salter’s letter in your May 20 edition asks why President Obama should take credit for the death of Osama bin Laden.
Well let’s see. Obama said repeatedly when he ran in 2008 that finding and killing Bin Laden would be a top priority of his administration and he got the job done. Promise made, promise kept. Salter then floats the idea that Obama would not have been held responsible if the mission had failed. What utter nonsense! The Constitution clearly states that the president is the commander in chief of the armed forces. Any military success or failure ultimately rests at the president’s doorstep.
Did FDR personally plan the D-Day invasion? Did Truman board the Enola Gay and personally drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima? Of course not, but both would have paid the price if those missions had failed. LBJ never led a mission in Vietnam and Carter did not pilot either of the choppers that collided with each other in the Iranian hostage rescue mission, but they were held responsible by the American people for those failures. Bush had eight years to carry out his promise to get Bin Laden and never could find the time to work it into his schedule or back up his tough talk with action.
Tough talkers like Bush are a dime a dozen. I’ll take tough action over tough talk any time.
Barack Obama has been blessed, whether by accident or design, to have a superb team of national security professionals around him, and he has been smart enough to know that and trust their judgment.
Elsewhere in his letter Salter complains about the supposed lack of recognition Gen. McRaven and the SEAL team members have gotten. Does he not know that President Obama and Secretary of Defense Gates went to an American air base in Germany after the operation and personally met each member of the team and commended them? If any medals or promotions were handed out it was done in private. Why? Because they are still on active duty.
Obama has not been shy about reminding people that he kept his promise to bring Bin Laden to justice. Why should he?
Richard Wilkinson

Obama’s record includesfour million new jobs
In the last three years over four million private industry jobs have been created as a result of the policies put in place by President Obama and the Democrats.
Unemployment has come down from a high of 10 percent to 8.1 percent. On-shoring and in- sourcing jobs reversed the longstanding trend out-sourcing and off-shoring these same jobs.
Yes, these jobs are returning to America. General Motors and Chrysler have recovered and found their old positions. General Motors has even reinstalled itself at the number one position; thus, ensuring that we have a strong domestic auto manufacturing base. Real estate prices appear to have bottomed out and prices and sales are trending upward. We are experiencing an increase in the amount of drilling and exploration on land and off shore.
Supplies of gasoline and storage are in excess; these are just samplings of the reasons oil and gas prices are going down. The impetus that initiated the oil and gas lowering efforts started just over a month ago when President Obama stated that he was going to investigate the oil speculators. Since that time gasoline and oil prices have steadily gone downward.
Arvin Mosley

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