Your Opinion September 16, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

Customer cites issueswith Metrocast Cable
Is anybody else sick of Metrocast Cable TV?
I know I am.
We pay about $160 a month for cable and internet service, or should I say non-service. We have been having trouble for about two years. All during the day the TV and internet is in and out, in and out, and we have not been able to watch TV at all at night for the last two weeks.
We call in the problem, they send out a technician to check our equipment and it’s always okay. The problem is not our equipment. It’s not the fault of the technicians. They do all they can. The problem is in the worn-out lines.
Metrocast has been promising an upgrade for our area for months, but they never get around to it. And, also, they have no local number so that you can call and talk to anybody in management. I called their 1-800 number to report a problem one time and ended up talking to somebody in New Hampshire.
The Public Service Commissioner has no authority over the cable TV companies. It seems to me if we pay for the service, we should get the service.
Donna Williams

Christians must demand halt to immoral society
What are we allowing in our country? They have taken the Bible and prayer out of public places and now they are allowing same sex marriages to occur in them. Have we quit reading our Bibles? Don’t we know that homosexuality is sin, sin, sin?
Christian people, wake up, rise up, demand a vote and turn out to stop this Sodom and Gomorrah in our communities.
In reference to people being created homosexual, that’s nonsense. Our good God would never have created a person to spend his whole life in sin.
Clytee Barber

Federal campaign aims to cut underage drinking
As a physician, I often counsel parents of teenagers to be extra vigilant against underage drinking. Parents often are surprised to hear that most youth who drink, obtain alcohol from within their own home or from other adults.
The Federal Trade Commission’s “We Don’t Serve Teens” campaign includes an informative website ( where parents can get useful information on how to reduce teens’ access to alcohol.This public service campaign and greater parental vigilance are clearly having a positive effect. The latest Federal statistics show that alcohol consumption and binge drinking rates among teenage boys and girls have continued their long-term decline, reaching historically low levels. Equally important, the number of teens who report it’s easy to obtain alcohol also continues to decline.
Here’s my advice to parents: keep a watchful eye on your teen’s activity both inside and outside of the home; make clear your disapproval of underage drinking; and work to maintain an open dialogue with your son or daughter. Even though parents believe their teens are not listening to them, the research shows otherwise – parents have the most influence.
Raymond Scalettar, M.D., D.Sc.
Washington, D.C.
Professor of Medicine
George Washington University Medical Center

Let’s get away from labeling people
On a recent trip to Tupelo accompanying my wife, who was running the Tupelo Marathon, I read an opinion piece in your paper written by Jason M. Wester. I have written this response.
After reading Wester’s article, “Gay people deserve compassion and respect,” I recalled an incident from my formative years growing up in a small conservative city in Ohio. I was raised in a Christian family and was very much a part of various activities in my church. In the late 1950s the first poor people’s march on Washington occurred and a group (mostly African Americans) came through our town. The minister of our church gave them refuge for one night, allowing them to sleep in the basement of our church. For that humane Christian act the congregation subsequently had him fired.
Whereas I agree with the tone and content of Wester’s article, I feel it is symptomatic of a larger, more prevalent and insidious issue – the seeming need to attach labels and promote stereotypes in our society. Is Wester a God-fearing, Southern conservative; am I am agnostic, Northeastern liberal? Is a person gay or straight, female or male, poor or rich, educated or uninformed, African American, Asian, Caucasian or Hispanic? It seems our society no longer uses these (and other) words merely as descriptive but as categories; pigeon holes that allow for prejudices to fester. Instead of condoning and promoting prejudices, individualism should be treasured. Everyone deserves to be thought of as unique. To paraphrase Mr. Wester, we should all allow people to be “exactly who they are.”
Ronald A. Borror
Pound Ridge, N.Y.

Obama doesn’t meritan endorsement term
Recently President Obama assured voters, “you’ll love me even more,” if reelected. Considering how much he’s contributed to the $16 trillion national debt, voters – especially those whose children who will shoulder that debt – should not love him enough to give him a second term.
Jimmy Reed

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