LMS student council helping tornado victims

Macie Childers, a sixth grader and a member of the Lafayette Middle School student council, had a desire to help victims of the tornado that struck Tupelo Monday.

Childers got approval from school officials to get involved on Wednesday, and then came up with a plan to help and after researching what items the Red Cross and Salvation Army needed. Members of the community can now help Childers gather materials to serve those who are without products or services we all take for granted.

The Red Cross has asked Childers to collect bottled water, blankets and tarps. For the Salvation Army, the council is securing Gatorade, bread, individual bags of chips and nabs, or packages of crackers with peanut butter or cheese inside.

Teachers and staff members that work for the school district have been notified, while collections are being taken by those who wish to help. Items are planing to be collected and dropped off through the weekend.

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