You may be from Oxford if you …..

Been here long? A 23-years-and-counting residency in Lafayette County makes me seem “old Oxford” to many more recent arrivals, while that’s practically newcomer status to others.

Whether you’re generations deep in William Faulkner’s “postage stamp of native soil” or merely got here as soon as you could, see if any of these items from Oxford’s past stirs a memory.
You may be from Oxford if you …
•… cursed the red lights (and they were ALWAYS red) on the South Lamar bridge.
•… know why a four-way intersection is called “Three-Way.”
•… bought sale items at Kroger and then drove across University Avenue to finish grocery shopping at Big Star.
•… call Highway 6/278 “the bypass.”
•… hunted (poached?) where the new high school is.
•… walked a rail near the depot.
•… had a prescription filled by the mayor.
•… looked up in the old courtroom and asked yourself, “WHAT balcony?”
•… climbed the Thacker Mountain fire tower.
•… got stuck behind a slow driver on Jackson Avenue all the way from downtown to Highway 6.
•… spotted Clark Littlejohn gazing out the courthouse window during a Board of Supervisors meeting.
•… sniffed magnolia blossoms in front of City Hall.
•… bought nails and pipes or greeting cards where Rooster’s is now.
•… watched a drive-in movie on Jackson Avenue.
•… got your favorite old shoes rebuilt at Wiley’s.
•… worried about the L.Q.C. Lamar House’s future.
•… ate at Mistilis’ or Marie’s.
•… listened to Bruce Browning’s morning show on WOXD.
• … had a road name in your rural (non-subdivision) address.
•… remember the Lyceum when it was down at the heels.
•… shopped under the Christmas-light canopy radiating from the courthouse.
•… avoided certain restaurants because of the cigarette smoke.
•… wondered who lived in that grand old house at University Avenue and University Place (Old Taylor Road).
•… chose whether to live in the city or county school district (without moving).
•… chilled out at Fudge’s Dairy Delight.
•… remember when Fulton Chapel was the grandest venue in town.
•… have bought gas on all four corners of Four Corners.
•… had your peas shelled at the co-op.
•… followed Ole Miss football on WSUH.
•… slept off a hangover where the Chancery Building now sits.
•… bought hay or chicken salad next door to that.
•… had breakfast at Smitty’s and then walked to the post office.
•… lived in The Big House.
•… tailgated in the Grove on an actual tailgate.
•… were an expert at spinning beer in ice to chill it quickly . (Actually, you don’t have to have been here long at all for that: Cold beer was legalized just last year.)
•…intentionally planted kudzu. (Now, that’s deep-rooted in more ways than one!)
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