New building just right for Oxford University Bank

Spacious is the first word one would use to describe the new home of Oxford University Bank. Tastefully decorated, and complemented with friendly, familiar faces ready to help, are other ways to describe the overall feel.

Located just two doors down from its old location on University Avenue, O-U Bank’s new building is open and ready to serve its ever growing customer base.

Workers were putting the finishing touches on the two-story facility Tuesday that now has the room to accommodate all the employees and the customers who stop in to conduct business.

David Guyton, president and CEO, came to O-U bank from First National Bank in 2010. When it came time to grow and find a new location, he and the 10 other board of directors didn’t have to look far, purchasing the lot where Orion Fitness used to sit.

“When I first got there, we talked about moving and looking for a place to where we could house all of our people,” Guyton said. “Our old office on University Avenue was just three trailers put together. We had just gotten to the point where we had outgrown it. It was just one of those things where we were getting too big for the existing location. We just had to have a bigger area. That’s just the bottom line. We were hiring more people and we just didn’t have space for everybody. We looked for a little larger location and found that Orion property a couple blocks up the hill. We thought that would be a good spot, so we bought it and built on that.”

Construction was recently finished and the bank officially opened June 16 for business. The bank, created in 2000, has always been about serving local customers. Reggie Holley, the former president and CEO, and others like Dick Marchbanks, the chairman of the board, started a base that has now grown to have as much as $110 million in assets.

“We call ourselves a small community bank. We deal mainly in town, in Lafayette County. We do have a branch in Pontotoc that we started two and a half, three years ago. We have grown in total assets of about $7 million the past several years. For a bank our size, that’s pretty good,” Guyton said. “Our main focus is local. Our decisions are made locally. We have that small-town feel to where you can come in and talk with us and deal directly with a person there and probably with a person that you know already because they are from town. All of our employees are from right around the Oxford area.”

Being local has its advantages, especially when it comes to dealing with the everyday banking issues most customers need.

“We offer all the basic banking products. We do not offer investment services, insurance services. We are typically just checking and savings and CDs, consumer loans, commercial loans, construction loans, house mortgages,” Guyton said before talking about the bank’s newest product. “We are offering a new checking account product. It’s a rewards-based checking account called Kasasa. I think a lot of the people in town are going to like it. A customer can get cash back or interest. Either one.”

With so many students also becoming customers, Guyton said the goal is to gain more online customers.

“We have a new website. It’s the same address, but we offer a lot more features and it’s a lot more user friendly,” Guyton said. “With all the students in town, they’re all into online, Internet banking and that’s why we’re getting a bigger presence.”


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