Lafayette roundup nets dozens of drug charges

OXFORD – In a pre-Independence Day concentration on illegal drug activity, seven Lafayette County-area law enforcement agencies began a sweep that netted more than 30 arrests.

Lafayette County Metro Narcotics Unit, University of Mississippi Police Department, Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department, Oxford Police Department, United States Marshals Service, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and the District Attorney’s Office launched Operation Noble Shepherd on July 2.

As of Friday, officers had made 31 arrests on violations of the Mississippi Uniform Controlled Substance Act, according to Metro Narcotics Administrative Assistant Mary Annie Brown-Foshee.

While Agents conducted this operation, they recovered stolen property, firearms and numerous controlled substances, she added.

Arrestees in the first round include the following:

  • Leon Ross, 36, Abbeville – forged prescription
  • Cosetto Phillips, 22, Oxford – sale of marijuana, sale of Xanax, possession of stolen firearm
  • Rudy Jerome Wortham, 31, Oxford – sale of Diazepam within 1,500 ft. of church
  • Matt Granato, 22, Oxford – sale of Vyvanse
  • Lewis Wadley, 44, Oxford – possession of cocaine with intent to manufacture
  • Casey Hunter, 19, Oxford – sale of marijuana
  • James Herod, 29, Oxford – sale of MDMA, sale of marijuana
  • Queena Booker, 23, Oxford – sale of marijuana
  • Charles Jones, 47, Oxford – sale of crack cocaine, sale of Klonopin
  • Santrez Decarlos Bolton, 21, Coldwater – sale of marijuana
  • Nichole Howell, 30, Oxford – sale of Subutex
  • Jamie Townes, 29, Oxford – possession of marijuana with intent
  • Michael Burnett, 26, Oxford – possession of marijuana with intent
  • Dominique Goolsby, 19, Oxford – sale of cocaine (two counts)
  • Daniel Brennfleck, 56, Oxford – sale of Oxycodone, conspiracy
  • Allan Brennfleck, 20, Oxford – sale of Oxycodone, conspiracy
  • Darrius Moore, 32, Oxford – sale of marijuana
  • Christen Coleman, 31, Oxford – possession of meth
  • Nakesa Bowens, 22, Oxford – sale of marijuana
  • Mickey Browley, 28, Oakland – sale of marijuana
  • Stephen Dukes, 34, Oxford – sale of Lortab
  • Martevus Booker, 19, Taylor – sale of marijuana
  • Anneliese Abboud, 22, Oxford – sale of LSD
  • Curtis Haynes, 21, Oxford – sale of marijuana
  • Richard McEwen, 39, Oxford – sale of methamphetamine, sale of cocaine, sale of marijuana, sale of Lortab
  • Mike Carothers, 41, Oxford – sale of marijuana
  • Tashan Keller, 20, Abbeville, sale of marijuana (two counts), possession of marijuana with intent
  • Sam Jones, 23, Oxford – sale of meth
  • Bryan Davis, age unavailable, Coldwater – sale of marijuana
  • Corey Burnett, 30, Oxford, sale of marijuana
  • Chris Herrington, 24, Oxford – sale of marijuana (two counts)

At least six additional arrests had been made as of Monday, according to Oxford Deputy Police Chief James Owens, but suspect identities and charges were not yet available.

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