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Will Adams knew he always wanted to work in Oxford. He figured there would be residents interested in buying fresh meat and seafood.

A lifelong Ole Miss football fan, Adams decided to become a chain, opening a second Indianola Fresh Market in May. Featuring fresh seafood and hand-cut steaks, the market has been well received over the last few months.

“I’ve always loved Oxford,” said Adams, 24, who graduated from Delta State. “I’ve always come up here to watch games, and I said if I ever got a chance to open another store, it would be in Oxford. I had a bunch of friends up here. It just felt like it was the right thing to do.”

The original location on U.S. 82 in Indianola opened in February 2013, shortly after Adams left DSU. His seafood selections include fresh grouper, red fish, tuna and salmon, just to name a few.

“I always used to sell shrimp to friends when I was in high school and college,” Adams said. “I was always moving seafood on the side. I had a lot of customers, and I decided to open the store and centrally locate it there in town.”

The Oxford store is located at 2000 West Jackson Ave.; the street Adams feels is the one to be on. The market has been open and operational since May. The space Adams is renting used to be where the AT&T store was located, which meant a lot of renovating.

“They had a huge wood island out in the middle of the floor and built-in shelves on both sides that we had to get rid of,” Adams said. “They had some ugly carpet on the floor, and I had to pull all that up and put down this floor. I just had to tear everything out. I had to put in a band saw and then a shower and a drain in the back for the meat. A lot of work.”

Adams commutes, each week, from the Delta to Oxford, carrying fresh seafood back with him when he returns. He has been opening for business locally each week on Wednesdays, but following the grand opening on July 25, Adams will be open Monday through Saturday, with new hours in accordance with the day of the week.

“All my seafood is out of Grand Isle, La., and all the shrimp are out of Louisiana, as well,” Adams said. “I get the salmon flown in. It’s Canadian Cold Water.”

Adams said the customers in Oxford like his seafood selection more than his beef, while the customers in the Delta prefer to buy steaks over the seafood.The meat selection includes New York strip, filet and ribeye. Adams can cut anything to specifications, and all the meat is from a private producer in Tennessee.

“They raise 89 percent choice or higher cuts of beef. I cut everything to order, however thick you want it,” Adams said. “A lot of people will come in and order two ribeyes and a pound of shrimp. I will cut steaks and lay them out in the display, but most of the time, it’s all cut to order because somebody may want a choice or a high choice, which has been wet-aged for 43 days. It’s as tender as can be.”

Fresh hamburger, made from the end pieces of a filet or ribeye, and center-cut pork chops can be purchased as well from Adams. During the spring, Adams has boiled crawfish; he is currently offering a boiled shrimp platter that includes potatoes and corn for just $9.99.

Adams grew up selling catfish out in the Delta, and he still has a large selection of filets for customers.

“We do a lot of U.S. farm-raised catfish, and, of course, they come out of Indianola,” Adams said. “They’re fresh, and they’re just $3.98 per pound. We’ll filet them however you want them.”
July may not be an “r” month, but Adams has a lot of fresh oysters. He said the tale of not eating oysters in the summer months hasn’t existed in years due to refrigeration on the boats.

“They used to say that because by the time you got back to the shore, the oysters would get hot and they just start to open and they weren’t good to eat,” Adams said. “I know I grew up hearing the same thing, but it’s not true that you have to eat oysters in a month with an ‘r’ in the name. The oyster boats now all have cooling units. I order in sacks for people, and there are as many as 140 in a shell. We sell that for $38.98. We have a lot of people throw those right on the grill and have a broiled oyster.”


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