Football bonds Jack, Michael Abraham together

wrBy Brandon Speck, Daily Journal

Michael Abraham insists he doesn’t know too much about quarterbacking, but Oxford head coach Johnny Hill doesn’t have to be that humble about the father of his quarterback, junior Jack Abraham.

“Unbelievable,” Hill said of the father-son relationship. “Michael has really groomed this kid since he was in the second grade. He doesn’t need much grooming now.”

Abraham burst onto the scene last season, leading Oxford to the Class 5A state championship game while throwing for 3,572 yards and 38 touchdowns. He was the Daily Journal’s Offensive Player of the Year. Not that he doesn’t still need some grooming, but he’s a worker. He voluntarily puts the work in now, thanks a lot to a coaching dad.

“We talk about football all the time.” Jack Abraham said. “Football is what we have in common. We both love the sport.”

Michael was a quarterback at Vicksburg’s St. Aloysius. He may not admit to knowing a ton about the position, but he knew enough to keep his son away from bad habits, like throwing the football like a baseball and not breaking the “golden rules.”

“I was not near as good as he is, not even close,” Michael Abraham said. “He’s a much better thrower, much better decision maker.”

‘Football’s our hobby’ (subhead)
It started with the pee wee Buccaneers, where Jack played for Michael – and where Michael still coaches.

“When he was eight, he liked it. So it was easy to keep going back, because he had a good time. It’s been great. Football’s been our hobby,” Michael Abraham said. “It’s never been drudgery. He’s liked the game and I just get him there, do what parents do and say, ‘Have fun.’”

Jack Abraham says the Buccaneers started his love for the game and dad never had to force it, much like coaches don’t have to force Abraham and his former pee wee teammates to practice and work out now.
“I was his coach, which is miserable. It’s really not fun to coach your kid,” Michael Abraham said. “It’s better to be a parent. But that’s the role we had and we talked about that one day and said we have to separate that and we did a good job of that.”

Michael helped some in seventh and eighth grade, but watches as Jack continues to get better. And while Michael admittedly has let go of some of the leash as Jack has gotten older and allows him to do things on his own, the bond they share through football is evident.

Michael watched intently from the sideline last weekend at the national 7-on-7 tournament in Hoover, Ala. He’s like a coaching father for the whole team, but his eyes rarely go away from Jack. There is encouragement more than coaching, but more than anything, Michael and Jack seem to be enjoying football as a father and son, not as a father coaching his son.

“Football is our glue,” Michael Abraham said. “My wife likes to watch it. My daughter like to watch it. We don’t play golf. We don’t play tennis. It’s what we do.”

Michael, a dentist by trade, said it’s a family thing. He says 13-year-old Kate can rare back and throw it.

“She must have it in the blood, or something,” Jack Abraham said.

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