All Them Witches to perform at Proud Larry’s

Indie rock band All Them Witches will be performing at Proud Larry's on April 7. (New West Records)

Indie rock band All Them Witches will be performing at Proud Larry’s on April 7. (New West Records)

By Chaning Green

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Nashville based indie rock band All Them Witches will be performing at Proud Larry’s next month to promote their latest album, “Sleeping Through the War.”

All Them Witches has been together for about five years now. Guitarist for the group Ben McLeod and drummer Robby Staebler met in a bar one night. They bonded over their love of jazz and started jamming together. They began looking for a singer and a bass player, and they found two coworkers who fit the bill. They all joined up and have since put out four studio albums, one live album and three EPs.

“We’re constantly recording,” said McLeod. “You gotta record the crappy stuff too. We’re always wanting to record and we manage to squeak it in when we’re not on the road.”

Shortly after they formed, they started to booking their own tours. Due to their unique sound, they had a little trouble finding a place in Nashville that they really vibed with and could perform at. So they looked outside the city, and it was a good decision for them.

“We didn’t immediately find a niche that we fit into here in Nashville,” said McLeod. “So, we started doing these weekend tours, and then those turned into five-day tours and then two-week tours. And I guess the rest is kind of history.”

McLeod got his love of music from his family. He and his sisters took piano lessons as children and grew up with their father being a big fan of jam bands.

“So I guess in that way, I have classical piano and guitar, but all I’ve ever wanted to play was electric guitar,” McLeod said. “I jammed out to Hendrix and the Allman Brothers stuff. I guess everyone in the band comes from musical families as well.”

“Sleeping Through the War” is the group’s latest album and came out February 24. All Them Witches will be live at Proud Larry’s on April 7.

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