More credibility issues emerge from Dickey’s past

Biographical information provided by 1st Congressional District Democratic candidate Ron Dickey, left, appears embellished or untrue.

Add questionable academic achievement to Democratic nominee Ron Dickey’s list of dubious claims.

Grand Canyon University’s alumni organization offered little support to back the Horn Lake resident earning a bachelor’s degree in emergency management.

This new information follows public statements less than a week ago clarifying he wore a green beret during his three years in the Army but never served in the elite special forces group.

Nick Knudson, GCU alumni events and promotions manager, confirmed Dickey’s attendance at the university for two years. However, the university’s records showed no one with Dickey’s name with a diploma from the institution.

“We did our research and are unable to confirm his graduation status,” Knudson told me Monday.

Mississippi Democratic Party chairman Rickey Cole said Dickey has an expectation of honesty when sharing biographical information with the public.

“We repudiate any dishonest or misleading statements made as part of any Democratic candidate’s campaign,” Cole said Monday evening. “We expect Democratic nominees to stick to the facts.”

The first-time political candidate seeking to unseat incumbent 1st District U.S. Rep. Alan Nunnelee seemed aggravated by my call Saturday and would not discuss questions of his academic background when I called his cell phone Monday evening. He insisted on answering questions by email, assuring a reply immediately after receiving it.

He responded after midnight but didn’t provide any answers to the questions:

For questions 1,2, and 3 I will need time to get this information. I will not be able to meet your Tuesday deadline I have a seminar to attend in Jackson Ms. Question 4 and 5 will be included with 1,2,3, I need to get the times and dates for the questions.

The Army food specialist also claims status as an Operation Desert Storm veteran, although military records show Dickey assigned to Korea and Fort Bragg, North Carolina during his service overlapping with the military conflict.

Veteran and law professor Michael I Spak with the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Chicago-Ken College of Law said the legal term “puffing” describes Dickey’s behavior of over-exaggerating his credentials, such as listing the National Defense Medal as among his accolades.

“Notice that unmentioned is the fact that EVERY SINGLE service person who served during this period is authorized to wear this medal. (I.e., NOBODY didn’t get it,” Spak stated in an email. “Isn’t America a great country?”

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