Senator Wicker speaks at pro-Trump rally

Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker spoke at a pro-Trump rally held in Tupelo last week. Joining him were local political figures like state senator Chad McMahan, Sheriff Jim Johnson and District Attorney John Weddle. I covered the the rally in the Daily Journal here.

Below, I have embedded some audio from Wicker’s remarks. Additionally, I have transcribed some of his comments.

Sen. Wicker began by turning his attention away from Donald Trump and onto what Wicker sees as the most important issues.

Said Wicker: “This is not complicated. This election is about the Supreme Court. This election is about the Second Amendment. This election is about repealing and replacing Obamacare with something that’s market driven and something that will work. This election is about jobs for hardworking Americans and jobs for the next generation of Americans. So it’s not complicated and on every one of those issues Donald Trump is right. Donald Trump is with the people of Lee County, with the people of Mississippi and with the people of America, and Hillary Rodham Clinton is dead wrong on all those issues and that’s what this race is about … This election is also about keeping somebody with Hillary Clinton’s worldview out of the White Press, and we might as well say that.”

After this this, Wicker criticized national press coverage of the presidential race. He claimed the coverage has been biased in favor of Clinton.

The senator also raised Clinton’s use of a private email-server during her tenure as secretary of state. A brief chorus of “lock her up!” erupted from the Tupelo crowd.

Wicker ended by again naming a litany of issues where he thinks Trump’s policy positions are better than those of Clinton: the Supreme Court, the Second Amendment, environmental regulations, energy policy, taxes and border control.