Bodock 2013 set for September 27-28

It’s official, the 2013 Bodock Festival in downtown Pontotoc is set for September 27-28.

This past year the festival date was moved from mid-August to the last weekend in September, a change that enjoyed cooler temperatures and attracted larger crowds.

“The date change this year proved successful, because the festival was well attended,” said Ellen Russell, Pontotoc County Chamber/Main Street Director.

“Everyone noted that the cooler weather just made everything much more enjoyable.”

Bodock Chairman Michelle Williams said committees will begin meeting in January to initiate plans for the 20th Bodock Festival.

“This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Bodock Festival and everyone has committed to make it really special this year,” Williams said.

“We’re going to pay tribute to events over the past 20 years that people have enjoyed and also recognize people who have helped make Bodock a success all these years.”

Williams said the Bodock committee will enlist input from staff members who helped with previous festivals.

“We’re looking to jazz it up and make improvements, based on taking a good look at what’s worked and what hasn’t,” she said.

“We’re going to take a look at ‘way back when’ and maybe showcase more local talent.

“There’s talk of getting the Tom Foolery Band back together.”

“One thing for sure, we want to do better planning and get our clubs involved all year so that we will have increased participation in our events.”

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