Friendship’s spark is kindled from Progress

What are the odds of two men moving to the same city in California, and never realizing that they both were from Pontotoc?

Well, J.C. Sneed and the late Durley Waldrop did just that. Both lived in Lincoln, California, and several years ago, Durley’s brother, Wadelow, who lives here in Pontotoc, was reading the obituaries in the Pontotoc Progress and saw that J.C. Sneed lived in Lincoln.

He called his brother and told him that an old boy from Hurricane lived not too far from him.

Well, Durley, who was from Randolph, got right on the phone and started his conversation out by saying “I understand that somebody there knows all there is to know about Pontotoc.”

To which, J.C. replied, “You’ve found him.”

The two men and their wives became fast friends, re-kindling a relationship that had roots back to Pontotoc. One of the friends has since gone on to his reward, but the other is left with memories he will never forget because a brother cared enough to pick up the phone after reading the newspaper.

(Editor’s note: This story comes to us from Billy Montgomery, who is a brother-in-law to J.C. Sneed.)


  • Hannah Hill

    Wow this is great! Durley is actually a distant relative of mine but I had not heard this story before.