What will you do?

When you have a problem with a business, who do you talk to? Do you bring it to the manager or owner’s attention? Do you tell all your friends and hope they’ll boycott the establishment with you? Do you blast them on the Internet so the whole world can see?
There is no correct response to these questions but there is an answer that involves pride, self-dignity and a sense of community spirit.
You see I had an issue with a business last week. I had an appointment and was forgotten about. Then the employee didn’t want to take the time with me I felt I deserved. I left there so upset. I was mad but overall, my feelings were hurt. I began contemplating how I wanted to handle this problem. Did I want to take my business elsewhere? Did I want to call a friend of mine who works there? Did I want to talk with the manager? Not once did I contemplate getting online and telling people about my experience. Not once did I want to call all of my friends and tell them what happened. I chose to continue thinking about it through the night and to call the manager the next day. Then my phone rang and it was the manager. The employee called her because she could tell from my facial expression that I was very dissatisfied and unhappy. The manager took care of my problem and has bent over backwards to keep me as a customer.
Am I going to tell you the name of the business that I am talking about? The answer is no, because I have pride, self-dignity and a sense of community spirit and I want this business to continue to thrive in Pontotoc. I want them to be successful and continue to do great things in this town and support our community. This scenario could have gotten out of hand. Even if the manager had not called me to rectify, the situation could have already been exploited over the internet and blown way out of proportion and cost them a lot more than the price of my business.
Words are meant to be spoken but they are to be carefully chosen, as you can never take them back. I hope we can all find something good out of what happened to me and realize that though there is no correct or incorrect way to handle a problem; there is a more mature way to handle issues that arise in our everyday lives.
Thank you to this unnamed business. You handled this situation quickly and appropriately and have gained a customer for life. As for the ones reading this, how will you handle your next issue?