Burn ban lifted

REGINA BUTLER Progress Staff Writer The Agri-Center will soon get a cleaning face lift. Board of Supervisor president Wayne Stokes said he was going to get some inmates to help pressure wash and spruce up around the place, getting ready for spring activities. The supervisors did not renew the burn ban for the month of March allowing people once again to burn outside, “but please be cautious,” warned Stokes. “The grass is still dry and fires can get out of control in a moment’s time.” Even with the burn ban on this past month Pontotoc County Fire Coordinator Adam Patton said volunteers have responded to roughly 20 to 25 grass fires across the county. “The conditions are still favorable for a fire to get out of hand,” he said. “Yes the ground is wet but that just means we can’t get a big truck in there without miring it up.” Citing the fact that the wind can dry grasses and small twigs out in a hurry, Patton said a fire can get out of control quickly. “A fire will create it’s own environment and it will burn everything from the ground to ten feet up a pine thicket.” And while the county can call on the Mississippi Forestry department to help with controlling burns, “we have had situations where the forestry can’t even get into it, and if they can’t we just have to let it burn to a point that we can fight it.” And since the ban has been lifted Patton cautioned residents to be extra careful until things begin to green up. “Don’t light a fire or a brush pile and go inside and watch tv,” he said. “Stay with the fire. Have plenty of water on hand and watch it constantly,” he said. Patton said that anyone who lights a fire and it burns out of control to another person’s property is responsible for the damages to all properties that are burned or damaged. In other business the board approved a payment of $599 for the annual membership dues to the National Association of Counties. A check for $25 was ordered to be cut to the Secretary of state for the notary application for Jennifer Todd, who is a new employee at the Department of Human Services. Clara Jaggers Medicare supplement payment of $2,636.40 was ordered was paid on lieu of her being on county insurance. The Regional Economic Development Contract of $40,000 was authorized to be paid out to Three Rivers. The Code Red Invoice for the year was ordered to be paid in the amount of $6,043.60. Tri-County Pest control contract of $125 for the Pontotoc county Agri-Center and Concession stated was paid. $50,000 to each district Road Maintenance fund was disbursed. Additional privilege taxes collected for the month of January were disburse din the following amounts: Pontotoc County School District, $,465.75; Pontotoc city School District, $234.83; City of Pontotoc, $1,056.75; Ecru, $117.42 and Sherman, $352.25.fire graphic