Q&A About Paying for DJournal.com Access

Why have you decided to limit access to your website to subscribers only?
There is a great expense associated with producing high-quality, reliable, award-winning journalism. And whether that journalism is found in our print product or online, a price must be paid to support it. Just as readers paid to enjoy the print newspaper long before the age of the internet, we believe paying for our content online is equally fair, and necessary, to ensure our ability to continue serving Northeast Mississippi with the excellence you’ve come to expect.

How many stories can I read online each month before being required to subscribe?
Each month you can freely read up to five stories on our website without a subscription. When you attempt to read the 6th story, we’ll invite you to become a subscriber and present you with subscription options. The home page is always free. Simply going to our home page does not count as one of your five. Classifieds are free. And from time to time when there is a significant breaking news story being updated throughout the day, we’ll stop the meter on that story and let you access it as often as you like for 24 hours.

Can I purchase a subscription just to your website if I don’t want home delivery of the newspaper?
Yes! If you’re only interested in reading us online you have a couple of options: You can purchase a subscription just for our website for $6.00 per month. That’s only about 19 cents per day. We also offer a digital replica of our newspaper that looks just like the newspaper but is for your laptop, desktop, or tablet. It’s only $6.00 as well. If you want them both, your rate will be $10 per month for our complete digital package, which includes our mobile app.

I’m already a home delivery subscriber. Will anything change for me?
If you already pay our regular (non-discounted) subscription rate for your home delivery, you’ll continue to enjoy unlimited access to both our website and our e-edition replica. All you’ll need to do is click the “Login” button the website, provide your address, create a username/password, and you’ll have unlimited access.

I’m currently a subscriber, but I signed up on one of your discounted specials. What about me?
Only those on a full-rate subscription enjoy unlimited website access as part of their subscription package. If you are currently on a discounted rate, but would like unlimited access, simply call our Customer Service Department at 662-842-2611 and ask to be upgraded to Total Access. You will not be required to pay anything at that time, unless your subscription is expired and in arrears. We’ll simply change your account to the new rate and your expiration date will arrive a little sooner. Upon upgrading you’ll then have immediate and unlimited access to our website.

I’m a subscriber. How many different devices can I use to access your website without restriction?
Once you establish a username/password, you can use that login on any device you like. You can also be logged in on multiple devices at once. You can be reading the Sports on your iPad while your spouse is reading Entertainment news on the laptop.

I’m a subscriber and frequently put my newspaper delivery on hold while I travel. Will I still have online access?
Yes! In fact, having a Total Access subscription that includes the website and the digital replica of the daily newspaper is the best way for you to continue keeping up to date with what’s happening back home. You’ll have no interruption of your online access while you’re away.

What is Press+?
Press+ is an outside technology firm we’ve contracted with that provides the programming for our metered system and secure transaction capability for digital-only subscriptions.

I want it all. What is the best deal?
Our most cost-effective and convenient subscription option is our monthly EZpay plan which automatically charges your credit/debit card or drafts from your bank account every month. The cost is only $10.75 for Total Access. You can easily begin a subscription by clicking the Join Now button.