‘Stay classy, San Diego’ Read W. Derek Russell's latest column about San Diego Comic-Con.
Two-pelo steps forward, Two-pelo steps back Read W. Derek Russell's latest column from the Northeast MS Daily Journal
‘Dukes of Haphazard’ or ‘A generalee bad idea’? Was taking "The Dukes of Hazzard" off the air helping the case for removing the confederate flag?
Over the moon: Tupelo author touts tales of ‘talking’ two-wheeler Jacquelyn Allen’s first novel, “Zookymoon,” features a smart-aleck motorcycle that talks.

‘Stay classy, San Diego’

Last week saw another San Diego Comic-Con come and go. If you’re not familiar with the phenomenon, you’re probably smarter for it. Explaining the point of Comic-Con to someone is like having to describe the taste of water. I went to the mega-event for four years before vowing not to attend again for a while… read more →

‘Mockingbird’ follow-up sells fast in Tupelo

By W. Derek Russell Daily Journal TUPELO – It took nearly 55 years to the day for the psuedo-sequel to “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “Go Set a Watchman,” to print, but only a day for copies to begin selling out nationwide. In Tupelo, the much-talked-about novel from Harper Lee didn’t even make it to the.. read more →

Two-pelo steps forward, Two-pelo steps back

I’ve lived in this town 30 years, an advantage I have over most of my fellow reporters here at the Daily Journal. I can remember when Big Lots was the Walmart in town. I can remember the old fairgrounds and I remember them being gated up, with Warehouse Gym towering over Main Street. I remember.. read more →

Nerd’s Eye View: ‘Dukes of Haphazard’ or ‘A generalee bad idea’?

From 2006 until 2011, I worked for John Schneider, better known to children of the ’80s as Bo Duke on “The Dukes of Hazzard.” I met John in Starkville several years ago while he was promoting a film, and our interests kind of clicked. Over the next five years, I spent a lot of time.. read more →

Over the moon: Tupelo author touts tales of ‘talking’ two-wheeler

By W. Derek Russell Daily Journal TUPELO – Jacquelyn Allen is living her adventure, and all it took was a talking motorcycle to get her there. Well, talking may be an exaggeration, but Allen certainly has given an opinion to the bike that shares a name with her first novel, “Zookymoon.” Within its pages, Allen.. read more →

Sheena has left the building

It’s transition time here at the Journal. Check in the coming weeks to hear from our new entertainment reporter. (Clue: Longtime SceneNow blog watchers have heard from him before.) read more →

My Jamberry challenge – UPDATE!

Day seven: If I’d painted my nails seven days ago, I’d have repainted them after two or three days. The nail polish is looking pretty awful right now. The Jamberry wraps, meanwhile, still look great, but I am noticing today they are becoming much more loose around the edges than in previous days, so it’s back to.. read more →

‘Days of Gold’ tour keeps summertime vibe alive

BY RAN VAN DUSEN TUPELO – In part of his stage banter, Jake Owen told a crowd of approximately 5,000 fans Thursday night that summer wasn’t over yet. As the cool breeze of autumn was gently blowing in outside, Owen kept that summer vibe alive inside of the BancorpSouth Arena with a performance that can.. read more →

Punk 101

Earlier this week, I spoke to Ginny Miller’s Journalism 101 class at Tupelo High School. I talked about how important it is to be fair when you’re writing about your favorite or your least-favorite band. I said I think it’s a good idea for music writers to have a healthy respect for all styles of.. read more →

Album leak: ‘All Together Now’ by Better Than Ezra

BY RAY VAN DUSEN Used to, in our younger days, a Better Than Ezra release would constitute a series of road trips to truly soak it in while making memories with the 13 or so tracks on continuous loops. Thanks to an online first listen six days before the Tuesday release of the New Orleans.. read more →