My favorite music of 2012

To close out each year, my Album Club meets in December to share our favorite music of the year. We usually bring CDs featuring our favorite songs. I try to pick songs/artists that weren’t especially huge or all over the radio/TV, but I usually include a list of the more popular stuff that I loved,.. read more →

‘Django Unchained’ – what’d you think?

Apparently I’m kind of weird: I’ve never been to the movies on Christmas day until yesterday. I don’t know, Christmas to me has always been about staying home and being with family – no matter what good movies are premiering. But last night I went to see “Django Unchained,” the new Tarantino, which was also.. read more →

Commission meeting wrap-ups

I always like to give readers an inside perspective on what goes on at Coliseum Commission meetings, but I’m slacking! Let’s play catch up… read more →

Macklemore: He’s got a point…

It’s not every day you listen to a record and think, with nearly every song, “Hey, dude has a point.” But that’s what I’ve been doing with “The Heist,” the new CD by rapper Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis. He’s released several EPs and mixtapes over the years but “The Heist” is his debut studio.. read more →