Meeting wrap-ups: Coliseum Commission, Performing Arts Commission

Here are summaries from Tuesday’s Coliseum Commission and Wednesday’s Performing Arts Commission meetings… Coliseum Commission The meeting is typically held in an arena conference room, but instead the meeting took place at the BancorpSouth Conference Center, which the arena just took over. It wasn’t planned that way, but maintenance was being done on the moveable.. read more →

And our winner is…

Congrats to Amy Goff! She won the two Cinemark movie passes. The answer was – as you could easily see – Chickasaw County. I know there was talk in the film of Greenville, and all of us know that’s not in Chickasaw County. But it’s stated multiple times in the film that the plantation’s in.. read more →

Your trivia question is…

I’m giving away two Cinemark movie passes. Want ’em? All you have to do is answer this trivia question in a comment to this post. If we have multiple correct answers (and I’m sure we will!), we’ll have a random drawing to select our winner. And the trivia question is… In “Django Unchained,” Calvin Candie’s.. read more →

‘Earthrise’ – help make it happen

Tupelo filmmaker Glenn Payne is ready to make his biggest, most ambitious film yet – the sci-fi thriller “Earthrise.” Payne has made lots of shorts and features – so many he can’t figure out if “Earthrise” is his 19th or 20th film – but nothing on the scale of “Earthrise.” In the movie, Earth has.. read more →

Help me promote what you’re doing

I’ve been at this job for nearly seven years, and I’ve written about lots of bands, from Billboard chart-toppers to local groups who seemed to stay together long enough for me to interview them and play a show or two. But lately I experienced something that happens too much and I hate it: I had.. read more →