11 Jun 2013


I’ve spent a few days with the “Man of Steel” score, and every time I listen to it, that’s my biggest impression: THOSE DRUMS.

So many tracks on score to the new Superman movie, which opens Friday, feature those powerful drums – so loud, so dramatic, you can imagine the action accompany the music. Composer Hans Zimmer’s scores are always so fantastic they’re almost another character in the movie, and the “Man of Steel” score sounds that incredible.

“Terraforming” is an adrenaline shot, while “Tornado” is a dizzying, race-against-time kind of track. “Flight” feels like, well, a flight –  stomach-churning take-off, smooth ride, moment of wonder above the world and descent back into reality.

The drums almost provide a narrative flow throughout the score, either boosting the energy, creating a bit of anxiety or calming things down with a steady rainfall of beats. “Sent Here for a Reason” is part wonder, part purpose. “What Are You Going to Do When You Aren’t Saving the World” is a perfect end to one story and the exhilarating beginning of another.
One of my favorite tracks is the graceful “This is Clark Kent.” It simmers with a quiet stability before hinting at powerful drums toward the end.

If you’re a super fan, check out the deluxe version. There’s an excellent 30-minute score sketchbook, as well as other great tracks, like the fun “This Is Madness!” and the wonderful “Arcade.”

John Williams’ original “Superman” score is so wonderful and well-known, but it served its purpose for that Superman and that story. Zimmer’s theme is for a new Superman, and a new story, and it sounds amazing.