17 Jun 2013

‘Man of Steel’ – what did you think?

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Henry Cavill in “Man of Steel”

Alright, Superman fans: what’s your verdict?

I saw “Man of Steel” twice this weekend, and I enjoyed it both times. Granted, I’m not the most ultimate incredible Superman fan in the world, but I love the character and his story. I adored Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Kal-El, Clark Kent and Superman; I loved Amy Adams’ no-nonsense Lois Lane. Michael Shannon’s General Zod scared me. I loved seeing Superman learn to fly, fight for his family and find his sense of purpose.

Lots of folks have gotten up in arms over the ending – and if you post about it below, please tag as SPOILERS – but I was fine with it. It is a different take on Superman for sure, but I understood why he did it.

It’s a more realistic Superman, and I liked that. I felt like this was kind of the “Batman Begins” to the new series. Honestly, I don’t enjoy “Batman Begins,” but I see its necessity – and I had way more fun at “Man of Steel” than I ever will at “Batman Begins.”

So, what did you think? Share your thoughts on “Man of Steel” below.

  • sharon

    I enjoyed it, saw it twice also. Henry Cavill exceeded my expectations.