20 Jun 2013

‘Killjoys’ a must-read for MCR fans

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My Chemical Romance is gone, but its stories live on.

MCR was a fabulous storytelling rock band, whether it was through songs, albums or music videos. The band’s last album, “The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys,” told the story of four rebels, the Killjoys, who battled the evil empire of Battery City and Better Living Industries. The Killjoys died, but the young Girl they swore to protect lived.

The Killjoys story was told on the album, through colorful and theatrical music videos (see “Na Na Na” and “Sing,” featuring comics writer Grant Morrison as the big bad), through characters’ Twitter feeds and, now, in the form of a new comic book series, sharing its title with the album.

Featuring a script by lead singer Gerard Way (himself a comic book artist before forming the band) and Shaun Simon and beautiful art by Becky Cloonan, the Killjoys story is alive again.

Featuring familiar characters like Dr. Death Defying and Cherri Cola, and referencing album song titles and lyrics, the comic picks up 12 years after the Killjoys – Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul and Kobra Kid – died. Girl is on her own and on the run from the evil Draculoids.

The series is the perfect companion to the album, which itself sounded like a comic book in the form of rock and dance tunes. The book feels just as energetic and colorful as the album.

If you are an MCR fan, you won’t be disappointed in “Killjoys,” the comic series. The first issue is out now from Dark Horse Comics.