08 Dec 2013

What does your Christmas light choice say about you?

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Multi_smallI’m about to make a lot of enemies, but I have to confess: I hate all-white lights on a Christmas tree.
Unless there’s a theme – black and white, school colors, whatever – I am bored senseless by the lack of colored lights.
Give me my multi-colored lights, or give me death.
I grew up in the 80s, when it seemed like colored lights where everywhere, but somewhere between now and then white lights took over.
Remember those giant bulbs that would burn your fingers if you touched them? It just isn’t Christmas without them.
Now, just about every tree I see, from friends’ trees posted on Facebook to lights sparkling through the windows in neighbors’ houses, they’re all full of white lights.
I guess I can’t really complain much about these trees, because typically they’re decorated way better than anything I could do.
I think I was busy standing in line for the “learn the Thriller dance” gene when God was handing out the “decorating” gene, because I just plain don’t have it.
For the past several years, I’ve had trees with either multi-colored or red lights, completed with all-black ornaments strung about like it was decorated by a 5-year-old goth.
I don’t think anyone has ever said my trees were pretty, but I thought they were. I guess that’s what counts.
This year I decided to go without a tree and instead dress up my 6-foot-tall Thor cardboard cutout. The God of Thunder is festively adorned with colored lights and a red Santa hat that matches his red cape nicely.
My mom’s tree is a lovely mix of both white and multi-colored lights, though the colored lights greatly outnumber the white lights. I can dig it.

What about you? What color lights up your tree?