20 Mar 2014

1043878_164415700407729_146049958_nUnless your address is beneath a stone, you’ve no doubt heard the legal drama surrounding Tupelo’s own Paul Kevin Curtis.

It’s one of those “truth-is-stranger-than-fiction” kind of stories, and it’s a story filmmaker Melanie Addington wants to tell. (Many of you may know Addington by her former job as an Oxford Eagle reporter or by her work with the Oxford Film Festival.)

She’s at work on a documentary about Curtis called “I Didn’t Do It.” Like many independent films, Addington needs some extra funds to complete the film, and you can help.

The documentary is on Indiegogo, a site that allows you to contribute funds to a project in exchange for perks. Those include everything from thank you’s to dinner with the filmmaker to an autographed photo of Kevin.

Watch the compelling trailer and donate by clicking here.

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  • Elvisguy

    I would like to thank everyone who has helped to make “I Didn’t Do It” a reality. Especially, Melanie Addingting has worked tirelessly to bring the TRUTH to the table of Accountability & I applaud her for this. We seldom see/hear the REAL truth on tV or in the news. Trust me, I know. Thanks to Wells Tower for the GQ Magazine 10 page spread as well. That was “THE BEGINNING”
    I am KC and I approve this message