17 Jun 2014

Sam Riggs & the Night People ready to rock Blue Canoe

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Sam Riggs & the Night People

Sam Riggs & the Night People


Sam Riggs loves to tell a good story.
His stories come with a side of twang, as he and his band, the Night People, plan to take over Nashville by storm.
The band’s latest album, “Outrun the Sun,” was released in October and has won heaps of praise from country fans and critics alike. Riggs’ hit single, “Collide,” was used on an episode of “Nashville,” and he scored a No. 1 music video for “When the Lights Go Out” on CMT Pure.
“It’s been like a slingshot,” Riggs said about his success in a phone interview with the Daily Journal from a stop in Chicago last week. “I think every songwriter, when they first do this, say ‘I just wanna do this every day,’ and now I’m doing it every day. It’s a wild and crazy life. That record changed everything for me.”
Getting his music out there to a wider audience has been the coolest thing he’s been able to do so far.
“There’s so many good songwriters and good songs. A lot of them don’t have the time or the means to represent them in the way they should,” Riggs said. “We’ve been doing a lot of shows and accepted into circles I never thought I’d be a part of.”
Riggs’ songs are personal, and he hopes fans get as much feeling out of them as he put into them.
“Some of it is stuff I’d never talk about in regular, every day conversation. There are tidbits, things I may have said or things said to me. When you’re on stage and playing it, it takes you back to that place where you wrote it. It’s like a trip down memory lane,” he said.
Riggs will release a few more singles from this album, but he’s already thinking and writing for the next record.
He and his band have a bunch of tour dates before they head into the studio at the beginning of 2015, though, including a gig at Blue Canoe in Tupelo.
“We put our blood, sweat and tears into our shows. Our live show is full of heart, and it’s jam-packed full of energy. We love raising hell,” he said.
He hopes country fans take a break from real life and party with the band at the Blue Canoe.
“I think it’s important to take a second to breathe, feel the wind and stop for a minute and enjoy life. We’re only here for a second,” he said. “I encourage people to come out to the show. This is not a show you’ve ever seen before. It’s an experience, for sure.”

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Who: Sam Riggs & the Night People
When: 8:30 p.m. Wednesday
Where: Blue Canoe, Tupelo
Info: facebook.com/bluecanoetupelo, samriggsandthenightpeople.com

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    Blue Canoe, NOT family friendly!!!!!