03 Oct 2014
My Jamberry challenge, day 7

My Jamberry challenge, day 7

Day seven: If I’d painted my nails seven days ago, I’d have repainted them after two or three days. The nail polish is looking pretty awful right now. The Jamberry wraps, meanwhile, still look great, but I am noticing today they are becoming much more loose around the edges than in previous days, so it’s back to the heat I go.

My verdict? I love that the wraps still look good a week later with so little touch-up work required.
With nail polish, I have to prep my nails, remove any old polish, paint them, and then repeat the process every three days. With Jamberry, it’s as simple as prepping my nails, sticking the wraps to my nails and maybe heating them with a hair dryer after several days to make sure they stick well. No manicure that can take at least 20 minutes, if not more – just simple touch-ups that require probably less than a minute’s time, and I don’t even have to do that every day.

If you want to try Jamberry yourself, visit Heather’s Jamberry website (http://jellia.jamberrynails.net/) and see what all colors, designs and styles they offer. I really like that a lot of the styles are also offered in a matte finish.

Have you tried Jamberry? If so, what did you like about it? What styles are your favorite?


Day six: The regular nail polish continues to chip off, while the Jamberry wraps are staying in place and still look great. I noticed they were coming loose around the cuticles, so I heated them up with my hair dryer and, as Heather said they would, they stuck back in place perfectly. Tomorrow’s the last day, so I’ll post my final picture tomorrow (I decided to spare y’all the ugly chipping for today, lol).

My Jamberry challenge, day 5

My Jamberry challenge, day 5

Day five: Well, look at that.

My nail polish was already chipping, and then I went home to make some Halloween bark at lunch. I was kind of running behind so I was tearing into packages of candy pretty quickly, so the nail polish took a beating. The Jamberry wraps are, as you can see, still there and survived my carelessness.

Heather, who challenged me, said that if ever the tips start to come loose, just apply heat and they’ll re-seal. Sure enough, they do.

My nail polish and Jamberry wraps, day 4.

My nail polish and Jamberry wraps, day 4.

Day four: I’m starting to see a bit of wear and tear, especially on my nail polish. The Jamberry wraps are holding up pretty well. I noticed I scratched my leg earlier and one of the wraps kind of bent back a little, but I think that was because it’s still just a teensy bit too long. I was able to put it back in place easily and I’ll trim it again tonight.







Day three of my Jamberry challenge

Day three of my Jamberry challenge

Days two and three: so far, so good.

My nail polish has a tiny chip on the left thumb but nothing major.

I don’t have cuticle scissors so I left a tiny bit too much on my Jamberry wraps, but I was able to clean those up a bit. They look terrific now – and I’ve received a few compliments on them, too!

Original post:

I like make-up, I like challenges, and here we are: I’m doing the seven-day Jamberry Challenge.

My fellow writer buddy and Jamberry consultant Heather Truett challenged me. She sent me two pretty wraps, and I’m trying them. Will they last seven days? Let’s find out.

I love, love, love nail polish. My toenails are always painted, and polish can usually last for weeks on there (although I rarely keep the same hue for longer than a week or so). My fingernails, however… that’s a different story. I’m extremely lucky if a nail polish lasts longer than a day on my nails. I’ve had nail polish chip within hours of application. I’m not sure why I’m so unlucky – maybe it’s because I’m pretty rough with my hands. If I want to keep my fingernails painted, I typically have to either totally repaint them or at least freshen them up either every day or every other day. Lately I’ve had good luck keeping an Ulta nail polish on my nails for about three days before reapplying.

With that in mind, I’m interested to see how the Jamberry wraps fare on my difficult fingernails.

Jamberry wrap application was surprisingly pretty easy. The first nail was an adventure but it got easier with the following three nails.

She sent me two strips of wraps, and I cut them in half so I could have four nails with wraps. The wraps are adhered to clear plastic so you can easily see which nail the wraps will fit. Mine fit my index fingers and pinkys.

To apply a wrap, you remove it from the plastic, heat it for 3-5 seconds with a hair dryer, then apply it to your nail. You smooth it out, cut off and file down the excess, then heat it again and smooth out any bumps. Voila. You’re done.

As I said, it took a few minutes to get a hang of the first nail, but once I knew what to expect, the other three were much easier to apply. I wish I’d had cuticle scissors or something similar; my big scissors made it difficult to cut the strips close to my nail. I filed them down, though, so that worked.

And here’s the finished product:

My Jamberry challenge.

My Jamberry challenge.

Those are two Jamberry wraps along with Ulta’s Joined at the Hippo, my favorite color right now (please excuse my messy painting job – I’m not always very tidy with the paint). Let’s see how these next seven days go!

  • heathertruett

    Thanks for taking the challenge, Sheena. I’m so not a salesperson, but I really love these wraps.