‘Mockingbird’ follow-up sells fast in Tupelo

By W. Derek Russell Daily Journal TUPELO – It took nearly 55 years to the day for the psuedo-sequel to “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “Go Set a Watchman,” to print, but only a day for copies to begin selling out nationwide. In Tupelo, the much-talked-about novel from Harper Lee didn’t even make it to the.. read more →

Over the moon: Tupelo author touts tales of ‘talking’ two-wheeler

By W. Derek Russell Daily Journal TUPELO – Jacquelyn Allen is living her adventure, and all it took was a talking motorcycle to get her there. Well, talking may be an exaggeration, but Allen certainly has given an opinion to the bike that shares a name with her first novel, “Zookymoon.” Within its pages, Allen.. read more →

What’s your favorite ghost story?

Every creature has its day. Vampires were hot (well, you know what I mean) for a while. Then zombies were fashionable. Werewolves were cool if you didn’t want to be too obvious about your monster obsession. Now mermaids are the new It Creature. I’ll always love vampires, but my favorite creature will always be ghosts… read more →

Pop culture round-up: Any ‘Orphan Black’ fans out there?

I’ve written about my love for the BBC America thriller “Orphan Black” before, but that was months ago. The show was pretty heavily hyped up ahead of the season two premiere on Saturday night, so I’m curious: has anyone in North Mississippi checked it out? Are there any “Orphan Black” fans out there besides me?.. read more →

‘NOS4A2’ really scared me: a Joe Hill appreciation post

I just finished Joe Hill’s latest novel, “NOS4A2,” and I hope there will be a glowing review in next Sunday’s Daily Journal. I’ve told everyone I know to read this book, but I want to say more: don’t just read this one book by Joe Hill. Read ALL THE BOOKS by Joe Hill. Yes, yes,.. read more →