‘Stay classy, San Diego’

Last week saw another San Diego Comic-Con come and go. If you’re not familiar with the phenomenon, you’re probably smarter for it. Explaining the point of Comic-Con to someone is like having to describe the taste of water. I went to the mega-event for four years before vowing not to attend again for a while… read more →

Two-pelo steps forward, Two-pelo steps back

I’ve lived in this town 30 years, an advantage I have over most of my fellow reporters here at the Daily Journal. I can remember when Big Lots was the Walmart in town. I can remember the old fairgrounds and I remember them being gated up, with Warehouse Gym towering over Main Street. I remember.. read more →

Nerd’s Eye View: ‘Dukes of Haphazard’ or ‘A generalee bad idea’?

From 2006 until 2011, I worked for John Schneider, better known to children of the ’80s as Bo Duke on “The Dukes of Hazzard.” I met John in Starkville several years ago while he was promoting a film, and our interests kind of clicked. Over the next five years, I spent a lot of time.. read more →