Nerd’s Eye View: ‘Dukes of Haphazard’ or ‘A generalee bad idea’?

From 2006 until 2011, I worked for John Schneider, better known to children of the ’80s as Bo Duke on “The Dukes of Hazzard.” I met John in Starkville several years ago while he was promoting a film, and our interests kind of clicked. Over the next five years, I spent a lot of time.. read more →

What’s your favorite ghost story?

Every creature has its day. Vampires were hot (well, you know what I mean) for a while. Then zombies were fashionable. Werewolves were cool if you didn’t want to be too obvious about your monster obsession. Now mermaids are the new It Creature. I’ll always love vampires, but my favorite creature will always be ghosts… read more →

Oxford Film Fest named on national list

Good news from the Oxford Film Festival – check it out: The Oxford Film Festival is proud to be part of the MovieMaker “50 Film Festivals Worth The Entry Fee in 2014” and announces that the call for entries for the next festival is now open. This year’s festival will be held February 26 –.. read more →

Pop culture round-up: Any ‘Orphan Black’ fans out there?

I’ve written about my love for the BBC America thriller “Orphan Black” before, but that was months ago. The show was pretty heavily hyped up ahead of the season two premiere on Saturday night, so I’m curious: has anyone in North Mississippi checked it out? Are there any “Orphan Black” fans out there besides me?.. read more →

Help tell a North Mississippi story

Unless your address is beneath a stone, you’ve no doubt heard the legal drama surrounding Tupelo’s own Paul Kevin Curtis. It’s one of those “truth-is-stranger-than-fiction” kind of stories, and it’s a story filmmaker Melanie Addington wants to tell. (Many of you may know Addington by her former job as an Oxford Eagle reporter or by.. read more →

Pop culture round-up: ‘Pacific Rim,’ Jay-Z, more

My pop culture landscape was a little barren there for a minute, but then awesome movies and albums and songs were released, and – hallelujah. Here’s what I’m into right now: “Pacific Rim” – if you read my column today, you know I love this movie. There’s not much more to it besides giant robots.. read more →

Why The World Isn’t Ready For Superman

Editor’s note: This “Man of Steel” review is written by one of the biggest Superman fans in Northeast Mississippi, Derek Russell. He’s the creator and host of a Superman-related podcast, and he’s written for DC Comics. by Derek Russell “…I love those who do not first seek a reason beyond the stars for going down.. read more →

‘Man of Steel’ – what did you think?

Alright, Superman fans: what’s your verdict? I saw “Man of Steel” twice this weekend, and I enjoyed it both times. Granted, I’m not the most ultimate incredible Superman fan in the world, but I love the character and his story. I adored Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Kal-El, Clark Kent and Superman; I loved Amy Adams’.. read more →

Superman’s score

THOSE DRUMS. I’ve spent a few days with the “Man of Steel” score, and every time I listen to it, that’s my biggest impression: THOSE DRUMS. So many tracks on score to the new Superman movie, which opens Friday, feature those powerful drums – so loud, so dramatic, you can imagine the action accompany the.. read more →

‘American Idol’ – are you still watching?

In my pop culture round-up, I can’t believe I forgot to mention the crowning of a new “American Idol” champ, Candice Glover. Glover was my pick to win from the start. I love her powerful voice and her sure stage presence. But the question is, did anybody watch, really? The show’s ratings are declining, and.. read more →