‘Stay classy, San Diego’ Read W. Derek Russell's latest column about San Diego Comic-Con.
Two-pelo steps forward, Two-pelo steps back Read W. Derek Russell's latest column from the Northeast MS Daily Journal
‘Dukes of Haphazard’ or ‘A generalee bad idea’? Was taking "The Dukes of Hazzard" off the air helping the case for removing the confederate flag?
Over the moon: Tupelo author touts tales of ‘talking’ two-wheeler Jacquelyn Allen’s first novel, “Zookymoon,” features a smart-aleck motorcycle that talks.

Help tell a North Mississippi story

Unless your address is beneath a stone, you’ve no doubt heard the legal drama surrounding Tupelo’s own Paul Kevin Curtis. It’s one of those “truth-is-stranger-than-fiction” kind of stories, and it’s a story filmmaker Melanie Addington wants to tell. (Many of you may know Addington by her former job as an Oxford Eagle reporter or by.. read more →

I laughed, I cried: my visit to ‘Night Vale’

“The past is gone, and cannot harm you anymore. And while the future is fast coming for you, it always flinches first, and settles in as the gentle present. This now, this us, we can cope with that. We can do this together, you and I.” – Cecil, “Welcome to Night Vale,” “The Candidate” “Welcome.. read more →

My Oxford Film Festival experience

The Oxford Film Festival is in its 11th year, and for all of those years, I’ve wanted to go. For whatever reason, the stars haven’t aligned until this year, and I was able to attend on Friday. I’m writing a story about the festival’s runaway success for Monday’s Daily Journal, but there was so much.. read more →

Coliseum Commission, 1/27

Here are highlights from this past week’s Coliseum Commission meeting at the BancorpSouth Arena: Director Todd Hunt recently traveled to Nashville, where he toured the Music City Center and talked with some promoters who manage country artists. Arena and conference center attendance notes: • The Mac McAnally and Paul Thorn concert sold well, and both.. read more →

Tuning out of award shows

“So, what did you think about the Grammys?” I have a feeling I’ll get asked that question a lot tomorrow. And I already know my answer: ::shrug.:: I’m not an award show kind of fan. I don’t buy albums because it won Best Album, and I don’t go see a movie just because it picked.. read more →

‘Paranormal Activity’ – are you a fan?

The latest “Paranormal Activity” hit screens earlier this month. Have you caught up with the fifth movie in the series? I love horror movies, and the original “Paranormal Activity” is one of my favorites. I’ve seen all of the “Paranormal Activity” films, but I haven’t loved any of the sequel/prequels as much as I loved.. read more →

Current obsession: “Orphan Black”

I’m not big on award shows. They’re fun to watch but I feel like it’s nothing but big, glitzy ads for movies, music, TV or whatever. So I don’t put much stock into who wins or loses – I know what I like, what moved me or what didn’t, and awards do not reflect that… read more →

My year in pop culture

We’ll always have the music. And movies. And TV shows. And podcasts. I didn’t love 2013, but at least we had good entertainment and art. Here’s my favorite stuff from this year – and actually, from the last few years, because yes, I’m gonna cheat. I don’t know that this is a “Best of” list… read more →

What does your Christmas light choice say about you?

I’m about to make a lot of enemies, but I have to confess: I hate all-white lights on a Christmas tree. Unless there’s a theme – black and white, school colors, whatever – I am bored senseless by the lack of colored lights. Give me my multi-colored lights, or give me death. I grew up.. read more →

More on today’s Neighbors story…

If you saw today’s Neighbors section, you saw my story on Jennifer Burns’ Winterbrook Gifts. I first saw her creations about two Christmases ago when Hooty Lou’s opened up a holiday shop. I fell in love with one of Burns’ birds and bought it, and figured it was about time to learn more about her… read more →