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‘Dukes of Haphazard’ or ‘A generalee bad idea’? Was taking "The Dukes of Hazzard" off the air helping the case for removing the confederate flag?
Over the moon: Tupelo author touts tales of ‘talking’ two-wheeler Jacquelyn Allen’s first novel, “Zookymoon,” features a smart-aleck motorcycle that talks.

‘The 20/20 Experience’ – good, not great

Too much of a good thing – that’s Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience.” There isn’t a bad track on “The 20/20 Experience.” There are terrible lyrics and metaphors (I’m looking at you, “Spaceship Coupe” and “Strawberry Bubblegum”) but there are plenty of catchy hooks and excellent grooves.Cheap Ugg Outlet. What Timberlake did well on his.. read more →

Coliseum Commission, 3/25

Here are highlights from today’s Coliseum Commission meeting: Attendance is going well – so far the arena has welcomed more than 140,000 through the doors for various entertainment events and meetings (yes, this includes the conference enter). That pace is a little slow, but director Todd Hunt said it makes sense: they’re doing more small.. read more →

So my favorite band has broken up

I guess that, as an entertainment writer, people expect me to say my favorite band is The Beatles (it probably is), or some pretentious Band No One’s Heard Of Yet, or some weird band that everyone “respects” but no one actually likes. And I love my holy trinity (The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Jeff.. read more →

Art Rocks Tupelo is here!

From “Cinderella” to Cramer, from “Mockingbird” to “Mikado” to mustaches, Art Rocks Tupelo has lots to offer this weekend. Every major venue in Tupelo is full of the arts this weekend. Audiences have their choice of ballet, an opera, country music, a Japanese art exhibit, a play, the annual Mustache Bash and more. Today’s Scene.. read more →

Performing Arts Commission, 3/6

Yes, I’m more than a week late on giving you this recap. But between Art Rocks Tupelo coverage and the loss of Judy Putt, well, I’m just a bit behind. Forgive me. Here’s what went down at the last Performing Arts Commission meeting at the Link Centre: Monthly Music Mix update: The Laurence Juber show.. read more →

In memory of Judy Putt

If you’ve enjoyed the Scene section for the last seven years, not to mention Food, Home and Garden, Living, Religion and Health, you could thank Judy Putt for that. Judy was a copy desker here at the Journal, and she laid out all of the living department’s sections. Scott Morris nicknamed her the Patron Saint.. read more →

Marshall Ramsey’s “Downton Abbey” cartoon

As I said in the story, so far it’s been shared more than 55,000 times on Facebook – almost 56,000 – and it has more than 9,700 likes. When I interviewed Ramsey last week, he was sending copies of it off to various “Downton Abbey” and MPB and PBS officials, and a copy of it.. read more →

Feel the ‘Downton Abbey’ love

I pretty much got my dream assignment when I was assigned a story about “Downton Abbey.” I’ve loved the show since the very first episode aired on MPB three years ago. I love plenty of TV shows, like “Supernatural” and “Community,” but “Downton Abbey” is the first show I’ve seriously been obsessed with since “Buffy.. read more →

Juber extras

I have a story running in Thursday’s Daily Journal about the upcoming Laurence Juber concert, set for Friday at the Link Centre as a part of its Monthly Music Mix series. There’s not much Juber hasn’t done: he was in Paul McCartney’s Wings, he’s won two Grammys and he’s created music for a host of.. read more →

Oscars: A day later

So the Oscars were last night. Thoughts? I’m afraid my opinions are going to be pretty boring, since I a) couldn’t even see the Oscars, now that I’m cable-less and b) didn’t see most of the movies nominated. I think the only major movie I saw was “Django Unchained,” so I was thrilled to see.. read more →