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Gregg Ellis

Gregg Ellis

Gregg Ellis, who covers Mississippi State for the Daily Journal, responds to readers' questions about the Bulldogs. To submit your question, e-mail Gregg at The questions and answers are posted every Thursday during football season on's Mississippi State page.

I was disappointed in our offensive performance against Houston. Will changing quarterbacks give the State offense a spark? Conner's a great athlete, but it seems things don't click once we get in sight of the end zone.
–Jeff, Starkville

GE: Yes. The offense is struggling and Omarr Conner hasn't had the best of seasons. But when Mike Henig was inserted, MSU failed to move the football as well. It's easy to blame the quarterback, but you have to remember Conner isn't playing behind the best of linemen nor does he have a reliable receiving corps.

What has happened to RB Demarcus Johnson?
–Ben, Aberdeen

GE: Early on Demarcus had a few problems hanging onto the football, which prompted Coach Croom to demote him down the depth chart. At the same time, Brandon Thornton emerged a solid and effective runner. As long as he continues that trend, he'll likely continue to be Jerious Norwood's backup. This week in practice, though, Demarcus saw more time with the regular units, as opposed to just the scout team. Does that mean he'll play for the first time since Georgia this week? We shall see.

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