BRAD LOCKE: Doobie brothers; stolen Skittles; Super talk

Before I start, let me note the irony of four college hockey games being postponed by snow on Saturday. 'Course, that's not as ironic as when I saw someone smoking on the front lawn of the Cancer Center last week.

n Ricky redux: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that a curler was suspended two years by the World Curling Association (yes, there is such a thing) for refusing to take a drug test.

The 22-year-old said he was tired of the sport anyway. Sure, kid, take all that curling money and go smoke your weed. Ricky Williams is waiting for you.

n Eat those words: In last week's issue, Sports Illustrated's Seth Davis wrote that Villanova, which lost Jason Fraser to injury and had leading scorer Curtis Sumpter hobbled, was “in a lot of trouble.”

The Wildcats promptly drilled then-No. 2 Kansas on Saturday. Sumpter scored 25 points.

n Candy man: A phrase I never thought I'd hear an announcer utter: “Francis, still chewing on the Skittles, dribbles to the right side.”

Orlando's Steve Francis had just swiped some Skittles from Memphis' James Posey, who was sitting on the bench, during Tuesday's game. Pete Pranica on the call.

n Quote me: “It took me 15 years to earn the first million dollars. Now, they pay those guys $1 million to walk from the bathroom to their car. I think they can take care of themselves.” – Richard Petty, on NASCAR drivers wishing for a pension fund.

n Super pundits: Some takes on the Super Bowl…

“How did Jacksonville get the Super Bowl? What, Tuscaloosa was booked?” – Tony Kornheiser, Washington Post

“We have seen the Patriots before because what the Patriots have become is a modern version of the Old Celtics.” – Bob Ryan, Boston Globe

“The truth staring coach Andy Reid in the face is as naked as Nicollette Sheridan standing before Terrell Owens. Reid's Philadelphia Eagles cannot win the Super Bowl.” – Tom Reed, Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal

In related news, Pats coach Bill Belichick is a charter member of Mensa's NFL chapter.

n The Coma Guy: ESPN the Magazine's Bill Simmons did a great story on a Red Sox fan who was in a coma during the playoffs. Needless to say, he awoke to a whole new world.

Said The Coma Guy on missing The Curse's eradication: “It's brutal.”

Quick hitters

n Ex-Magic, new Rocket Tracy McGrady is selling his house in Orlando. His new place has much more ego room.

n is selling “Body by BALCO” apparel. Think I'll start my own clothing line: “Body by Yoo-hoo & Jelly Belly.”

n Sumo wrestling is coming to Vegas in October. Opening match: Wayne Newton vs. Tom Jones.

Brad Locke ( writes a fruit-flavored column for the Daily Journal. Taste the rainbow.

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