Channing Ward Recruiting Diary Oct. 21, 2011

By Brandon Speck/Monroe Journal

Note: Each week Monroe Journal Sports Editor Brandon Speck sits down with Channing Ward for a conversation about how his recruiting is going. Here is this week’s entry.

ABERDEEN – Minutes after receiving his honorary 2012 Under Armour All-America jersey Thursday, Aberdeen five-star recruit Channing Ward sat down with teammate Elliot Johnson to talk about his latest week in the recruiting battle that has some 20 teams asking for his services.

It was within minutes, seconds maybe Wednesday that two of those coaches in pursuit made sure they kept in Ward’s ear as the regular season winds down.

“Yesterday I talked to Mississippi State and as soon as I got off the phone, Alabama called,” Ward laughed.

Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen and Alabama coach Nick Saban called back-to-back and even though it was Mullen at Friday’s game against Mooreville , it was Saban who knew all about his opposition’s visit.

Ward said though most of the time the conversations are simply casual, the opposing coaches know what each other is up to.

“It’s just chit-chat,” Ward said. “They’re really just seeing how things are going, how the season is going, all that stuff.

“They know everything that’s going on,” Ward stressed. “I don’t know how they find out but they know everything that goes on. (Saban) knew Mullen was at the game. They knew I scored Friday…I enjoy (the calls).”

Auburn, along with Alabama, LSU, Mississippi State and Ole Miss making up Ward’s top five, may see Ward in person, with an official visit planned soon.

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