Channing Ward Recruiting Diary Sept. 2, 2011

By Brandon Speck/Monroe Journal

ABERDEEN – College football coaches have Sept. 1 circled on their calendars. It’s the first day coaches can call recruits, once per week that is.

For Aberdeen defensive tackle Channing Ward, the day started at night.

Ward said Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen was calling as soon as the calendar turned.

“They talked to my momma. I was asleep,” Ward laughed. “It’s crazy.”

Ward’s week will be busy. Calls will come in whether the teams are on his narrowed down list or not, a list down to Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Mississippi State and Ole Miss.

The calls at one point from some, including recruiting writers got a little too hectic, prompting Ward to change his phone number.

“Too many get your number and when you don’t answer, they still keep calling, keep calling and keep calling,” he said. “It’s fun but that’s the only thing that really kills it. You get to do all that new stuff, meet people and players.”

Coaches aren’t allowed to text players.

The five-star recruit has been open about more than the phone calls going a little overboard. He’s openly saying he likely won’t narrow his list any further until the season is in full swing, to make sure his schools of choice won’t be facing any probation or NCAA issues next season.

There are still two visits planned for the 6-foot-4, 255-pound collegiate defensive end, one to Georgia at some point.

He has an official visit planned to Oklahoma where the Sooners host Missouri on Sept. 24. He’ll be a regular in the stands at Ole Miss Saturday to see the Rebels and BYU in the opener.

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