31 Flavors of Football: (Most) MSU Fans Aren’t Crazy

To help you and me get through the drudgery of August, I will present in this space a daily scoop of MSU football-ness, as inspired by a certain ice cream chain. August has 31 days, so I’ll let you work it out from there. Here is today’s flavor.


The SEC is notorious for having some wackadoodle football fans, like tree poisoner Harvey Updyke. And that Alabama fan who tea-bagged an unconscious LSU fan. And guys who wear houndstooth hats. OK, so a disproportionate number of these, um, passionate fans cheer for the Crimson Tide, but they are hardly anomalous in the SEC.

LSU fans are obnoxious, but in a different way than Bama fans. LSU fans are also often funny and entertaining, and really mostly harmless except when they’re chucking whiskey bottles into the end zone (but what fan base doesn’t do that?). Bama fans are more of the football-is-literally-life-and-death mentality, and they are sometimes downright scary (see: Updyke). And psychologically disturbed, like that guy named Ricky (CLICK HERE, and mind the language).

Anyway, my point is, compared to a lot of fan bases in the league, MSU’s are relatively sensible. Sure, there are the hopeless homers and the overly optimistic and paranoid conspiracists and grown men who act like adolescents (and dress like them at games). But most MSU fans are realistic and civil when they disagree with others (for example, me).

As is usually the case, many of these intelligent, considerate people are drowned out by the screamers and perpetually negative types, so it can at times seem that the majority opinion on something is the one that defies logic. Or maybe it just seems that way, because I believe our ears are trained to hear the negative above the positive.

I believe MSU fans’ collective psyche is informed by their long-suffering allegiance to MSU, which has had long stretches of bad football. Now that the Bulldogs are good again, dormant enthusiasm has burst forth, and State fans have shown remarkable support considering their size relative to the other fan bases. Sixteen consecutive sellouts and big crowds at the last two bowl games are prime examples.

MSU fans, on the whole, have found that delicate balance between unrelenting passion and, well, not being a wackadoodle. About the craziest thing you’ll catch a Bulldog fan doing is ringing a cowbell as he walks past opposing fans, although I wouldn’t recommend doing that at the Alabama game.

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