31 Good Reasons MSU Will Win

Monday is Aug. 1, the day Mississippi State’s football players all report for preseason camp (practices begin Thursday). It’s also the day we will begin a countdown of sorts to the beginning of the season, which for State is Sept. 1 at Memphis.

Every day on this blog, from Aug. 1 through Aug. 31, I will offer up reasons why the Bulldogs can equal or exceed the success of 2010, when they went 9-4, beat Michigan in the Gator Bowl and finished with a No. 15 national ranking (AP). This is not to say they will do so, but I’ve come up with 31 pretty good arguments for why it could happen. I suppose I could’ve done “31 Reasons Why MSU Will Go 6-6 or Worse This Year,” because that could certainly happen, too, but it probably wouldn’t go over as well.

Colleague Parrish Alford will be doing the same sort of thing regarding Ole Miss, so feel free to check it out.

What are these “reasons” I speak of? Could be anything: particular players, coaches, units (running backs, defensive backs, etc.), scheduling, intangibles – there is much that goes into a 12-game season, and given the current state of the program, I have no shortage of reasons to come up with. By the way, they are listed in completely random order; no sort of ranking going on here (y’all probably know how I feel about rankings).

So look for Reason No. 1 tomorrow, probably around lunch time. With each passing reason, we draw closer to the season. (Don’t worry, I won’t use that line again. Yikes.)

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