A Closer Look: Lewis Ready to Flash Offensive Game

In today’s Journal you can read a feature on MSU senior forward Wendell Lewis, who is suddenly going to be a focal point on the offensive end (CLICK HERE). That’s not something he’s used to either in practice or by nature.

Lewis is an unselfish sort when he has the ball, and not much has been asked of him offensively the last three seasons. With so many losses, he is now easily the most experienced player on the team. His presence in the post in all aspects – including defensively and on the boards – will be critical to the Bulldogs’ making any kind of noise in Rick Ray‘s first year as coach.

“I have an offensive game. I don’t show it,” Lewis said. “Since I’ve been here, I mostly pass the ball, set picks, roll to the basket and play D. I haven’t really been using my offensive game. I feel like this year I’m going to use more of my offensive game, be more active and score.”

The chat we had with Lewis yesterday was a lengthy one, so we covered a range of topics. Here are some more highlights from that conversation.

• On Ray’s workouts: “It’s a big adjustment. He’s fun to be around, great coach. You’ve got to pay attention at all times, because if you ain’t paying attention, it’s like you’re punishing yourself. He’ll tell you, like, once or twice. That third time, if you mess up, you’re dribbling the ball down the court, you’re either running, he’ll make you run 10 seconds down and back. If you don’t get it, it don’t count. Do it right the first time and pay attention, or you’ll be running all day.”

• On playing the pivot in Ray’s motion offense: “For him it’s more movement, it’s not just stand still. Everything we do is constantly moving – moving, setting screens, rolling. I like the style of play he’s playing, because basically what we’re going to be doing is up and down running. I like that. It’s going to be fun.”

• On signee Colin Borchert, a juco transfer who will play forward: “I’ve played with Colin once or twice since he’s been here. He’s real active. The way I see him, he’s crashing the glass, a great shooter. He’s got a nice shot. Really good player.”

• On incoming freshman big man Gavin Ware: “He has a nice touch around the rim, very physical, strong, big body. For a minute I was like, I didn’t know he was that strong. I was like, whoa. He’s a real good kid. He can shoot the ball pretty well.”

• On rumors of him transferring during the coaching change: “I wasn’t going to transfer. It was just a rumor.”

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