A Closer Look: Ogden Toughs It Out

John Cohen has raved all season about shortstop Jonathan Ogden‘s toughness, and it’s hard to argue, considering what the senior has played through this season.

I took a look at Ogden in today’s Daily Journal, and in talking to him yesterday I gained a better understanding of what he’s been going through since last fall. That’s when he first noticed discomfort in his abdominal region. He thought little of it at the time, figuring it was soreness from doing ab workouts.

“I would stop doing ab workouts or different workouts in the weight room, and it would feel better, but then out of nowhere it would just start bothering me again,” Ogden said.

After a couple of months or so, he finally went to a trainer and had an MRI done. What it showed was inflammation in his pelvis region – Cohen has been calling it a pulled ab muscle, which is in the same general area.

While trying to play with that, Ogden also was dealing with bicep tendinitis in his throwing arm. That cleared up a while back. As for the pelvis injury, that’s gotten better as well.

“I’ve been trying to do a lot of treatment on my body,” Ogden said. “Trying to do treatment and take some time off, not do as much as far as lifting weights and running around in practice as much, but still being able to do everything I need to in practice just to be ready for the weekends. I feel good. There’s a point where your body’s hurting, but you’ve still got to fight through everything to be able to play.”

As noted in my story, Ogden went through a fielding slump, with his biggest trouble getting the ball across the diamond to first base. It’s gotten better, and he’s more closely resembling the shortstop Cohen has been touting since before last season.

“I got in a funk at shortstop a little bit and couldn’t find my arm angle or my release point throwing across the field, and most of my errors have been throwing errors,” said Ogden. “It’s just how it’s been; I don’t know what to tell you. It happens sometimes. I’ve just been wanting to fight through it and get to the point where I know I’m at my best.”

Cohen called Ogden a coach on the field, one of those seniors who’s helped MSU take a big step forward this season and get in position for an NCAA Regional berth.

“He’s always in the right spot, he’s always communicating the right things,” Cohen said. “He’s invaluable. I know that he’s gone through some things this season, but I love the way he’s come out of it and really hope that he’s healthy through this weekend.”

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