Alabama-MSU Baseball to Go On ‘As Planned’

An Alabama team spokesman told me this afternoon that the Crimson Tide’s baseball series at Mississippi State this weekend will go on “as planned.”

UA athletic officials met earlier today to make sure there would be no problems with the team traveling to Starkville. The series begins at 2 p.m. Saturday with a doubleheader.

“It was more or less kind of, once the department had an opportunity to get everybody together and see where everybody was at,” spokesman Rich Davi said. “It seems like everything seems to be in a pretty good spot right now for the department to be able to move forward and go with what’s a normal routine.”

Davi said the Alabama players did not practice today, instead choosing to go out as a team and aid relief efforts at McFarland Boulevard and 15th Street, where some of the worst destruction occurred. The Tide will practice Friday and then bus over to Starkville on Saturday morning.

Davi said a couple of baseball players’ apartment building were “impacted” by the storm. He declined to name the players, and added that no players were injured by the tornado. Davis has heard nothing about players’ family members being hurt or killed.

Coach Mitch Gaspard was not immediately available for comment.

MSU athletics director Scott Stricklin said the school sent several generators to the Alabama campus this morning, and he spoke with Dave Hart, UA’s executive AD, to offer further help as needed.

“I just asked him, hey, let us know if you need people, if you need supplies, if you need equipment – let us know,” Stricklin said.

Cohen sent Tide coach Gaspard a text message earlier offering “whatever we can do to help.”

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