Bama Tickets a Humpback Short

We all make typos. I’ve made a couple on this blog just this week, and as with most typos, they were inexplicable.

So I know how the folks at the University of Alabama ticket office feel. Silly, a little ashamed, regretful. When they sent out tickets last month, the ones for the Mississippi State game had a pretty prominent typo, reading “Mississipi State.” Oops.

I spoke with Doug Walker, Alabama’s associate athletics director for media relations, this morning. He said it was a simple mistake.

“I don’t want to trivialize it, because I don’t mean it that way, but it’s just a simple mistake that occurred in the editing process within the ticket office, and obviously a regrettable one,” Walker said. “Not something with any bad intent toward anyone.”

The tickets were printed and mailed out in July, but Walker wasn’t aware of the misspelling until Wednesday, which is when it became a hot topic on Twitter. He said they’re looking into how it happened and will take measures to assure there’s not a recurrence.

Reprinting the tickets is not an option.

“We just can’t, because they’re already out,” Walker said. “It would be really difficult, almost impossible to do that.”

Alabama hosts MSU in Tuscaloosa on Nov. 13.

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