Basketball Practice Facility Tour: Parts II and III

If you follow me on Twitter, then you might’ve already seen the second video installment of today’s media tour of the Mize Pavilion, Mississippi State’s new basketball practice facility. In that segment, we looked at the practice courts and the weightroom.

Regarding the 4,000-square-foot weightroom, strength coach Richard Akins said, “It’s just tremendous for us as far as the strength and conditioning part to have it all in one spot.” It sits right next to the courts.

I’ve now posted part three, in which we check out the courts from above, talk with coordinator of electronic media Bennie Ashford, and take a tour of the men’s coaches’ offices. Rick Stansbury has some nice digs, including his own expansive bathroom.

A note on Ashford’s talk: I would’ve had more, but I ran out of disk space, according to my phone. So I had to delete some old videos to make room for more. Basically, Ashford detailed some of the high-tech stuff MSU’s coaches have at their disposal, like the 26 HD televisions and the ability to record four games at once in the video rooms and burn those recordings immediately to DVDs.

There you go. Enjoy.

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