Blog Bag Answers: Champions and Malcolm Johnson

Yeah, I know, I’m late again, even though there were only two questions this week. Sorry about that, but here you go. If you like, go ahead and drop in your questions for this week, and I’ll get back to you … at some point. Thanks for your patience. (I’m actually in the office today, which is kinda weird.)

Q: The players and coaches (especially O-Line) talk a lot about “grading out as champions,” and I know that obviously is a measure of how they hit their assignments and what they did right. But could you elaborate a little more on what exactly grading out like a champion is and what it takes to do so?

A: Well, like you said, there are measurable goals the guys try to achieve, such as offensive linemen grading out at a certain level. MSU has a Champions Club for guys who achieve the goals on a regular basis, and Dan Mullen talked about it last year.

“Have 100 percent attendance at every practice; 100 percent attendance at every workout; 100 percent class attendance; significant improvement in the weightroom and the classroom, on the football field; no discipline issues. Basically live your life like a champion, do everything the right way. If you do that, you become a member of the Champions Club. Being a champion, I’ll always say, is not a sometimes thing, it’s an all-the-time thing. You miss a class, that’s not always being a champion. One miss, and you’re out of the club.”

Q: I realize Mullen’s policy on talking about injuries to the media, but is there anything you have heard through the rumor mill about Malcolm Johnson‘s injury or how long he might be expected to be out?

A: I can’t report rumors, although I have heard a lot of things, probably the same as you have. I am fairly certain of the nature of Johnson’s injury and how long he’ll be out, but that’s coming from only one source, and we don’t normally report one-source stuff on something like this. All I can tell you is that he’ll probably miss several games. But I do believe he’ll play this season.

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