Blog Bag Answers: Christening the Blog

Well, here we are. A new blog, a new day. And we christen it in fine fashion, with this week’s Blog Bag answers. Great questions, as usual, and I hope some satisfactory answers for you. Don’t forget, to comment on this blog you have to register – it’s free and easy. Just hang with us while the kinks get worked out. On to your questions now. *Q:* Is there a plan for next season on challenging the so called “upper tier” teams like Louisville, UConn, North Carolina, Duke, Marquette, or Texas? *A:* To quote basketball SID _*Gregg Ellis*_, “The plan is to always compete for championships.” I know, I know, but that’s about all we’ll get out of them for now. *Q:* What is the anticipated turnout for Super Bulldog weekend? Will we need to fight for space in The Junction? Or will there be no tailgating? Will RV’s be permitted in emptied parking lots around Davis Wade Stadium/Humphrey Coliseum? *A:* AD _*Greg Byrne*_ has no projections, but he said, “We expect a very good crowd.” As for your other questions, go here: *Q:* With basketball over, what happens? Do they have a standard wrap-up, maybe a last team meeting? Do they have team-based activities during the off-season to keep the team feeling alive? *A:* As Ellis says, “They have their off-season workout programs they are allowed to do.” And yes, they do have a wrap-up meeting. *Q:* After Georgia Tech, what other schools from power conferences are we looking at scheduling for football? *A:* As Byrne said on here a few weeks ago, they are in talks with some big schools, but he wouldn’t name them. *Q:* Will the scoreboard be up and running during the spring game? *A:* Certainly. *Q:* Are there any plans on expanding any of our fields/arenas in the future? *A:* Expansion plans, as Byrne has said on here before, are far off in the future. *Q:* Do we have any current depth charts for football? *A:* Waaaay to early for that, my friend. Heck, RB _*Anthony Dixon*_ was running second team yesterday for being a pound over his weight goal, which tells you that nothing’s guaranteed. *Q:* What is the status of the suspended players? *A:* As _*Dan Mullen*_ said Tuesday, “We’re still kind of looking into those situations at this point. We’ll make a decision when we have enough, when we’ve investigated enough into finding out what we can find out. *Q:* Not on the subject of MSU, but I know _*Marlin Williams*_ left WTVA not too long back. Any idea where he went off to? *A:* He has taken a job in Batesville as communications director for an energy company. *Q:* What happened to football player _*John Paul Alford*_ (center, Kosciusko)? *A:* Alford quit the team some time after the New Year because, as a team spokesman put it, he no longer wanted to play football. He is still enrolled at MSU.

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