Blog Bag Answers: Late and Incomplete

Well, I must say it wasn’t my best effort on the Blog Bag this week. For starters, it’s late, but I guess we can blame the start of preseason camp, right? Right? Sure. But I also failed to get a couple of questions answered, so I’ll roll those over to the next installation.

Here are the answers I do have this week.

Q: I think I remember reading something a while back about Dennis Thames possibly returning to the football team this year. Was there ever any substance behind that?

A: I remember hearing such talk, and so I checked with my man Paul Jones of Bulldawgs 247. He said that Thames returning was a possibility last fall, but it isn’t any more. Thames, you’ll recall, was dismissed from the team last summer following an arrest, the reason for dismissal being multiple violations of team policy. He was a defensive back from Louisville High School.

Q: Why the closed practice policy this year? Are they afraid of spying or what?

A: I don’t know. Still haven’t gotten a good answer on that, and I asked Dan Mullen on Thursday whether the fewer open practices are a sign of him closing ranks.

Mullen: “No, sometimes we’ll open up two or something or three. When we looked at the calendar, there was a Saturday practice. That made sense for the fans that that would be the day they come out to see it. There are two practices that day, so they can come out. If they can’t make the morning, they’ve got a little league game, they can come at night. That’s why we did it.”

He pointed out that spring practices were open, “and I know there are a lot of people who don’t even open spring practice out there. I think we’re probably more open than a lot of teams in the country.”

The one day of open practice was yesterday, when two split-squad sessions were held. Fans turned out in good numbers for both. All practices from here on out are closed.

Q: Can you give us an update on Dee Bost and Jarvis Varnado?

A: Bost recently signed with a team in Montenegro after spending some time with Portland’s summer league team. Varnado, who was drafted by Miami two years ago but has been playing overseas, is trying to catch on with the Heat. His dad said Varnado is getting ready for Miami’s training camp right now.

Varnado’s odds of making the roster? “It’s hard to say,” said his dad, Winston Varnado. “We don’t know what direction the (general) manager wants to go in. I see they’ve signed a lot of veterans at that position. But he’s going to training camp.”

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