Blog Bag Answers: Right on Time, Right?

I know, this is a day late, but that’s why I usually say I’ll have answers by Friday-ish. This counts as Friday-ish, right? Things got kind of busy yesterday, but I now have some answers for you.

Q: I keep reading everywhere that it’s listed that receiver Chad Bumphis is only 5-foot-10. I have seen him before and I sure think he is closer to 6-foot. Can you give your opinion on that?

A: I’m no good at estimating such things, but I’m 6-1, and Chad doesn’t seem to be three inches shorter than me. So you might be right. Would hardly be the first time a college football roster wasn’t accurate.

Q: Could you gather some insight from Dan Mullen regarding what qualifies players for the Champions Club?

A: I asked Mullen about that, and he gave a thorough answer: “Have 100 percent attendance at every practice; 100 percent attendance at every workout; 100 percent class attendance; significant improvement in the weightroom and the classroom, on the football field; no discipline issues. Basically live your life like a champion, do everything the right way. If you do that, you become a member of the Champions Club. Being a champion, I’ll always say, is not a sometimes thing, it’s an all-the-time thing. You miss a class, that’s not always being a champion. One miss, and you’re out of the club.”

Q: I noticed Brandon Marcello from the C-L was invited to ride along on the Road Dawgs Tour bus. Were you also invited, and if not, why? I noticed you did not answer my last comment on your Mullen Begins Annual Tour of Region, about your title for that entry. You just could not bring yourself to say Road Dawgs Tour, could you?

A: He wasn’t invited, he asked to come along. I did not ask, because I had no time for it this year. I’d like to ride along someday, though. As for your comment about my headline, I didn’t see it, because I don’t look at all of the comments. But I’ve written “Road Dawgs Tour” many, many times the past few weeks, and you’re taking issue with the one time I don’t? OK.

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