Blog Bag Answers: Short, Sweet and Mostly Silly

Hey, y’all took it easy on me this week. Good, because it’s been crazy, but a good kind of crazy. Anyway, thanks for the queries, especially you, darkcooger. I answered even the silly ones, although the last question is a bit more somber.

Q: Do you think blog commenting will rise as football season draws closer?

A: Most definitely. At least, I hope it does. It’s the greatest time of the year.

Q: Should we have shirts made up that say “Respect the DePaq?”

A: Most definitely. Or maybe “DePaq Diesel,” or “DePaq is Back,” or “What DePaq Just Happened?” Someone definitely needs to start a Derek DePasquale Fan Club, and I definitely need to stop using the word definitely with such frequency.

Q: Will the MSU band play the Winnie the Pooh song at the Egg Bowl?

A: Most definitely. Actually, I have no idea, but they should. All in good fun, of course.

Q: I had a question a couple weeks back and I don’t know if I ever saw the answer for it. The question was will they be remembering Nick Bell this season or will anybody be wearing his number?

A: I asked Dan Mullen about that today. He said, “No one’s going to wear jersey No. 36 this year. But I know as soon as he would have graduated, we were going to do something special with that jersey, make it a special jersey to have. I’m not exactly set on what we’re going to do with it, but this year no one’s going to wear that jersey number.”

Bell would have been a senior in 2012. As for any other remembrance of Bell, such as a uniform patch or helmet sticker, there’s no official word on that yet.

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