Blog Bag Answers: Super Edition

Super Bulldog Weekend is here, which means I’ve got a long weekend ahead of me. So let’s knock out this Blog Bag.

Q: Have we received any cowbell fines from the SEC yet? What is the latest on this subject?

A: AD Scott Stricklin told me on Thursday, “I have no expectation on a timetable.”

Q: Mid-season projection for the baseball team?

A: If you’re talking NCAA regional projections, I’m not your man. However, does a good job with this, and its latest projection, on Tuesday, had MSU as a No. 3 seed in the Chapel Hill regional. I’d love to make that trip; it’s a great college town.

As for the SEC, tough to say. Sweep Auburn, get swept by Georgia, could get swept by No. 4 Florida this weekend. I wrote before that I think this team can finish around .500 in SEC play, so I’ll stick to that.

Q: What redshirt freshman has made the biggest impact this spring, offensive and defensive?

A: There’s been a lot of buzz about receiver-turned-tight end Malcolm Johnson. He’s got a nice combination of size (6-foot-2, 220 pounds) and athleticism, and possibly the best set of hands on the team. On defense, lineman Kaleb Eulls and linebacker Ferlando Bohanna have both impressed coaches.

Q: Has any kickoff work been done? If so, any touchbacks?

A: Oh yeah, lots of kickoff work. Derek DePasquale, who will handle field goals and extra points, told me the other that sophomore Brian Egan had kickoff duties “locked down right now.” DePasquale’s gotten a few touchbacks, and while I haven’t watched closely on kickoff work, I’m sure Egan has, too.

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