Blog Bag Answers: Turning Two

Like last week, only two questions in this week’s Blog Bag, but this time they’re both about baseball. The Bulldogs (26-18, 8-13 SEC) take on Tennessee (22-20, 5-16) today at 5 p.m. in Knoxville.

Anyway, here we go.

Q: Hearing grumbling about John Cohen, basically, “It’s one thing to be an a** if you’re winning, another if you’re losing.” Natives getting restless.

A: To answer the second part of your question first, yes, I have noticed more criticism of Cohen this year than the previous two years combined. Fans knew they’d have to be patient with this rebuilding project, but asking patience of the modern fan is like asking a politician not to be crooked. Forget it.

To the first part, Cohen is an intense personality, and some people (players included) don’t take him well. I think the results speak for themselves, though, and this team looks a lot better than it did his first two seasons. Maybe the progress isn’t as fast, or as apparent, as people would like, but there is definitely progress. The freshmen and sophomores he brought in are going to make this team a winner, I really believe that.

Q: I know shortstop Jonathan Ogden has been banged up lately. How’s he doing, and will he be available this weekend?

A: Yeah, Ogden’s had it rough. He’s been playing with a pulled abdominal muscle, but he got a shot for that last week, and Cohen noticed a difference.

“I think he finally got some relief from his abdominal area pains, and I think he got into a better fielding position from a throwing standpoint. He was much better,” Cohen said Monday.

Ogden also took an errantly thrown ball to the nose Saturday against Alabama and had to leave the game, but he returned to the starting lineup Sunday. He’s in the starting lineup for tonight’s game also.

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