Blog Bag: Changing Gears

Not a whole lot to the Blog Bag this week. Two questions, that’s all. But that’s OK, because once we get into game week routine next week, I imagine the questions will be plentiful.

And once next week arrives, this little feature won’t drop until Tuesdays, because Monday is press conference day, and we all know how crazily busy that is. OK, here we go.

Q: Do you know if freshman WR Malcolm Johnson has been able to practice since school has started back, coming back from the foot issue?

A: Regarding both Johnson and fellow WR Sam Williams (ACL), coach Dan Mullen said neither has been practicing “live” even though they’ve been cleared to do so.

“One of the things I want to do, especially guys coming off of injuries that they’ve had, is not their first practice to put them out there live, and so we’ve kept the red jerseys on them. They’ve been cleared to go forward, we’re just protecting them still a little bit.”

Q: Is there any word on Dee Bost yet?

A: No, there isn’t. It’s a waiting game, and the NCAA, as usual, is taking its own sweet time.

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